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Little Potters Day Nursery, Littleworth Road, Rawnsley, Cannock, WS12 1JD

Our Rooms

Our nursery consists of three learning and socialising rooms;


Buttercups - Babies

We provide childcare spaces for children aged between two months and two years old. We work with parents closely and try to incorporate any home routine into your child’s day at the nursery. Not only does this keep their routine consistent, it also helps your child settle into the nursery quicker.

To involve your child as much as possible, our educarers will sing with them, talk to them and ensure plenty of eye contact to allow them to form bonds with us. Aside from this, we also have plenty of resources available to encourage your baby to learn through playing and doing.

Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience of working with babies and very young children, so you can relax in the knowledge that while you are at work or busy elsewhere, your loved ones are being given the utmost in care and attention.






Daisies - Toddlers

By the age of two, most children are moving around freely and thrive on routine and stimulation. They love getting messy and participating in activities with staff and fellow children.

We encourage our toddlers to learn through play by exploring their environment through hands-on experiences and activities and developing their skills and abilities.

We look to support your child’s development in a wide range of areas, including literacy, maths, communication, language, social and emotional development and understanding of the world.

Our Toddlers Room is staffed by extensively trained and experienced educarers who have years of knowledge and expertise of working with young children and helping their development.






Sunflowers - Pre-School

In our Pre-School room, we start preparing your child for junior school. Our trained staff will guide their play and encourage them to think independently, through numeracy, play and literacy. We will give them the tools and the foundation they need to easily and successfully transition from nursery to school.

We further support your child’s development and learning by encouraging them to enjoy reading and writing, shapes and sizes and number recognition and work closely with local schools to give them everything they might need before the step up.

As part of their education here at Little Potters Day Nursery, we also take our Pre-School children on trips out to see people we might have spoken about at the nursery and welcome visits from the Police, the Fire Brigade and the Lollipop person to share their knowledge and understanding.

Like every room in our nursery, our Pre-School room is overseen by friendly, talented, highly experienced and fully trained educarers who have years of experience of working with Pre-School age children and are skilled at making the transition from nursery to school a smooth and relaxed one.